Virtual Reality Ready
Noah Poponak an aerospace and defense senior equity research analyst sees “Drones Flying into the Mainstream.”   Developed for military use drones are making their way into construction, cinematography and law enforcement.  He explains the $100 billion market opportunity.  Watch the fascinating details HERE.
Sometimes drones are just for fun see these videos from around the world HERE.
The Mayo Clinic opines that drones are an increasingly important tool for medicine. HERE.
Drones are an increasingly important tool for today’s farmers.  They give farmers the ability to monitor crop production, growth and health.  They increase the ability to observe environmental changes on the farm.  All of these factors make farming more efficient. Read more HERE.
Firefighting is greatly assisted by drones.  They can send images back from areas of the fire that are too dangerous to go to for the firefighters.  Drones can fly over a fast moving wildfire, send back images and insure that the resources are deployed in the right areas.  In all, they add to the safety and effectiveness of fighting fires.  The story is HERE.
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